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tumblr quotes
Tumblr Quotes

Top Short Quotes About Love, Sad, Life And Motivation From Tumblr

Reading For Me Will Be A Combination Of Books, Magazines, Tumblr And Just Kind Of The Web In General On The Ipad.

Love Quotes Tumblr

The Greatest Discovery Of All Time Is That A Person Can Change Their Future By Merely Changing Their Attitude.

tumblr quotes about life
Tumblr Quotes About Life

Inspirational Quotes Tumblr

I’M Very Visual When I Write And Get A Lot Of Inspiration From Scrolling Through Tumblr Or Pinterest. I Have Picture Folders To Most Of The Songs I’Ve Written. It Would Be Cool To Release It As A Book One Day!

Tumblr Love Quotes

Facebook, Twitter, And Tumblr Are All ‘User First, Brands Second’ Services. The Brands Are All Over These Services Now. But For The Most Part, These Services Didn’T Do Much To Bring Them. The Engaged Users Did.

tumblr quotes about love
Tumblr Quotes About Love

Sad Quotes Tumblr

I Always Wonder Why Birds Stay In The Same Place When They Can Fly Anywhere On The Earth. Then I Ask Myself The Same Question.

Life Quotes Tumblr

I Search My Name On Tumblr More Than I Google Myself, And I Google Myself Every Day.

sad tumblr quotes
Sad Tumblr Quotes

Tumblr Aesthetic Quotes

You Do Not Know / How Little I Loved / Before I Loved You.

Happy Quotes Tumblr

I Think Tumblr Tends To Be – You Can Get More In-Depth With Things And More Blogging, And Tumblr Has Been Really Great For Me In Terms Of Research Because I Have Contacts With People From All Walks Of Life All Over The Globe.

funny tumblr quotes
Funny Tumblr Quotes

Cute Tumblr Quotes

I Am Aware That I Am Less Than Some People Prefer Me To Be, But Most People Are Unaware That I Am So Much More Than What They See.

Funny Tumblr Quotes

If You Follow The Will Of God, You Know That In Spite Of All The Terrible Things That Happen To You, You Will Never Lose A Final Refuge.

short tumblr quotes
Short Tumblr Quotes

Depression Quotes Tumblr

I Am Nothing In My Soul If Not Obsessive.

Tumblr Quotes About Life

Perhaps That’S The Thing People Misunderstand The Most About The Art Of Letting Go. It’S Something That Doesn’T Happen Instantly.

tumblr quotes and sayings
Tumblr Quotes And Sayings

Relationship Quotes Tumblr

I Was Unfortunate Enough To Meet You And Love At The Same Time, And I’Ve Been Mixing Up Your Names Ever Since.

Sad Tumblr Quotes

We Are In Buckingham Palace, The Very Heart Of The British Nation. Sherlock Holmes Put Your Trousers On!

tumblr quotes deep
Tumblr Quotes Deep

Motivational Quotes Tumblr

Please Don’T Expect Me To Always Be Good And Kind And Loving. There Are Times When I Will Be Cold And Thoughtless And Hard To Understand.

Inspiring Quotes Tumblr

What She Craved Was The Darkness Made By Enfolding Arms, The Silence Which Is Not Solitude, But Compassion Holding Its Breath.

happy tumbr quotes
Happy Tumbr Quotes

Quotes About Life Tumblr

As Long As I Manage Investments Properly And Don’T Spend Recklessly, Tumblr Has Given My Family A Strong Safety Net And Given Me The Freedom To Work On Whatever I Want. And That’S Exactly What I Plan To Do.

Deep Quotes Tumblr

I Am The Bad Daughter, The Freedom Fighter, The Shaper Of Death Masks. / I Am The Snake, I Am The Crone.

motivational tumblr quotes
Motivational Tumblr Quotes

Tumblr Quotes Love

I Take The Time To Understand My Generation And What They Want. Whether It’S On Tumblr, Pinterest, Or Twitter, I See What They Are Re-Vining Or Re-Blogging And Incorporate It Into My Youtube Channel.

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Short Quotes Tumblr

I Am A Huge Consumer Of Social Networks. I’M Interested And Am Learning More About Tumblr And Other Visually Dominant Sites.

Best Friend Quotes Tumblr

There Are No Secrets In Life… Or You Can Say: Life Is An Open Secret.

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Tumblr Quotes About Love

I’M An Author. We Don’T Want To Lead. We Don’T Need To Follow. We Stay Home And Make Stuff Up And Write It Down And Send It Out Into The World, And Get Inside People’S Heads. Perhaps We Change The World And Perhaps We Don’T. We Never Know. We Just Make Stuff Up.”

Positive Quotes Tumblr

I’M Obsessed With Tumblr. I Love Looking At All The Pictures!

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Funny Quotes Tumblr

I’Ve Come To Realize That Love Is Tragic, Somewhere Down The Line It’S Inevitable. Fight For It.”

Tumblr Quotes Sadness

The Hope, And The Pain Of Hope, And The Patience Of Hope, And Its Torment, Its Astonishment, Its Endlessness.

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Rainy Quotes Tumblr

Just Imagine You Are Dying Tomorrow. Everyday. You Will Be Much Kinder To The World, There Will Be More Love In You. That Way.”

Brothers Quotes Tumblr

It’S A Hard World Out There, There Are Hardly Any Handouts Without Agenda’S Attached, You Have To Make It And Take It For Yourself. Dog Eat Fucking Dog.”

Book Quotes Tumblr

Twitter And Tumblr And Facebook, It’S So Amazing Because Years Ago, When I Was Growing Up And Watching Movies, There Was No Way For Us To Interact With Filmmakers At All. You Could Send A Letter, And You’D Never Know If You Were Going To Hear Back Or Not.

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Friendship Quotes Tumblr

People Who Don’T Feel Pain Anymore Are The Most Damaged.

Hater Quotes Tumblr

The Moon’S Weird Though, Right? It’S There, And There, And Then Suddenly It’S Not. And It Seems To Be Pretty Far Up. Is It Watching Us? If Not, What Is It Watching Instead? Is There Something More Interesting Than Us? Hey, Watch Us Moon! We May Not Always Be The Best Show In The Universe, But We Try.

Dreams Quotes Tumblr

Millennials (Aka Generation Y) Are Great At Social Media (Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo, And Periscope) But Lack Time-Tested Social Skills ( Patience, Humility, Active Listening, Respect For Parents, Teachers, Elderly)

Mean Quotes Tumblr

Sometimes You Go Through Things That Seem Huge At The Time, Like A Mysterious Glowing Cloud Devouring Your Entire Community. While They’Re Happening, They Feel Like The Only Thing That Matters And You Can Hardly Imagine That There’S A World Out There That Might Have Anything Else Going On. And Then The Glow Cloud Moves On. And You Move On. And The Event Is Behind You. And You May Find, As Time Passes, That You Remember It Less And Less. Or Absolutely Not At All, In My Case.

J Cole Quotes Tumblr

A Single Poem
The Thing That Can Keep Me
Light On My Feet,
When My Soul Is
Heavy With Sorrow.

Tumblr Backgrounds Quotes

You & Me, I Will Always Be Glad For The Moments We’Ve Shared And For The Moments We Still Have To Share.

Selfie Quotes Tumblr

On Tumblr, I’M Really Careful About Not Following Too Many Things. I Enjoy Going On There To Discover New Things More Than Anywhere Else Now.

Tumblr Happiness Quotes

My Selfie My Life!

Deep Tumblr Quotes

Being A Victim Of Someone’S Random Act Of Kindness Is A Sign That The Universe Still Loves You With All Of Her Lucky Stars.

Music Quotes Tumblr

Social Networking Websites Like Facebook, Twitter, And Tumblr Provide An Unparalleled Ability For People To Stay Connected In New And Unique Ways.

Successful Quotes Tumblr

Tumblr Culture And The Whole Reappropriation-Without-Context Thing Are A Double-Edged Sword In That They Both Raise Awareness Of My Work And Also Kind Of Devalue It At The Same Time.

Changes Quotes Tumblr

My Dark Days Made Me Strong. Or Maybe I Already Was Strong, And They Made Me Prove It.

Quotes About Smiling Tumblr

Finishing A Book Is Bittersweet. You Spend Days Getting To Know The Characters. Learning Their Nuances, Their Faults, Their Loves, Their Lives. They Become Your Friends, Acquaintances, Enemies. And After The Story Ends, You Miss Them. You Look For Them In Your Own Life, Wonder Where They’Ve Gone, You Forget That They Aren’T Real. You Fall In Love With The Hero And Dream Of Him At Night. The Strange Girl Becomes Your Best Friend. Their Heartaches Become Your Heartaches. You Laugh When They Laugh. And Cry When They Die. Eventually, You Realize They Aren’T A Part Of Your World, You Were Just Briefly Visiting Theirs.”

Biblical Quotes Tumblr

The Phenomenon Of Instagram Poets – Who Are Also, To Be Fair, Tumblr Poets And Pinterest Poets – Has Been One Of The More Surprising Side-Effects Of The Selfie Age.

Tumblr Quotes Sad

The Maturity Of Tumblr As A Real Player Is Exciting. It’S Fun To Watch Things Like Snapchat, And Vine, Try To Vie To Be The Next Thing.

Weed Quotes Tumblr

I Was Curious As To How My Words Started Circulating At Such An Alarming Rate. After All, Every Author Waits To Be Discovered By Someone. Anyone. And So I Found Myself Smack Bang In The Middle Of The Mad Hatters Head, And As Someone Put It, Tumblr Might Actually Be Worse Than That.

Movie Quotes Tumblr

Keep Reading. Read During Your Break At Work, Before Bed, On The Bus, In The Waiting Room. Read At The Table, In The Lunchroom. Make Time. You Won’T Regret It.”

Tumblr Grunge Quotes

If Your Daily Life Seems Poor, Do Not Blame It; Blame Yourself, Tell Yourself That You Are Not Poet Enough To Call Forth Its Riches; For To The Creator There Is No Poverty And No Poor Indifferent Place.

Relationship Tumblr Quotes

There Are Two Tragedies In Life. One Is To Lose Your Heart’S Desire. The Other Is To Gain It.

Bad Chick Quotes Tumblr

Throughout Life People Will Make You Mad, Disrespect You And Treat You Bad. Let God Deal With The Things They Do, Cause Hate In Your Heart Will Consume You Too.

Couples Quotes Tumblr

The Secret Of Life Is Honesty And Fair Dealing. If You Can Fake That, You’Ve Got It Made.

Quotes For Girls Tumblr

Life Is Nothing Without A Little Chaos To Make It Interesting.

Art Quotes Tumblr

Life Isn’T As Serious As The Mind Makes It Out To Be.

Beach Quotes Tumblr

You Can Live Your Whole Life Not Realizing That What You’Re Looking For Is Right In Front Of You.

Tumblr Funny Quotes

Life Is A Journey. Time Is A River. The Door Is Ajar

Instagram Bio Quotes Tumblr

Losing Your Life Is Not The Worst Thing That Can Happen. The Worst Thing Is To Lose Your Reason For Living.

Tumblr Quotes Funny

Life, Unfortunately, Doesn’T Seem To Care What We Want.

Black And White Quotes Tumblr

Life Is A Tapestry Woven By The Decisions We Make.

Eyes Quotes Tumblr

There Comes A Time In Your Life When You Have To Choose To Turn The Page, Write Another Book Or Simply Close It.

Him Quotes Tumblr

Poetry Is Just The Evidence Of Life. If Your Life Is Burning Well, Poetry Is Just The Ash.

Life Tumblr Quotes

Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle. To Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Moving.

Cool Tumblr Quotes

The Cost Of A Thing Is The Amount Of What I Will Call Life Which Is Required To Be Exchanged For It, Immediately Or In The Long Run.

Incorrect Quotes Tumblr

Oh, Life, I Am Yours. Whatever It Is You Want Of Me, I Am Ready To Give.

Tumblr Happy Quotes

Taking Pictures Is Savoring Life Intensely, Every Hundredth Of A Second.

Heartbroken Quotes Tumblr

Even For Me Life Had Its Gleams Of Sunshine.

Depressing Quotes Tumblr

If There’S A Thing I’Ve Learned In My Life It’S To Not Be Afraid Of The Responsibility That Comes With Caring For Other People. What We Do For Love: Those Things Endure. Even If The People You Do Them For Don’T

Love Tumblr Quotes

To Look Life In The Face, Always, To Look Life In The Face, And To Know It For What It Is…At Last, To Love It For What It Is, And Then, To Put It Away…

Haters Quotes Tumblr

Your Life Is An Occasion. Rise To It.

Grunge Quotes Tumblr

Life Is Not A Pg Feel-Good Movie. Real Life Often Ends Badly. Literature Tries To Document This Reality While Showing Us It Is Still Possible For Us To Endure Nobly.

Kissing Quotes Tumblr

Life’S As Kind As You Let It Be.

Nicki Minaj Quotes Tumblr

Be Thankful For Everything That Happens In Your Life; It’S All An Experience.

Tumblr Pictures Quotes

Your Time Is Limited, So Don’T Waste It Living Someone Else’S Life.

Quotes About Best Friends Tumblr

My Life Didn’T Please Me, So I Created My Life.

Tumblr Break Up Quotes

Good Friends, Good Books, And A Sleepy Conscience: This Is The Ideal Life.

Couples Tumblr Quotes

I Want To Live My Life In Such A Way That When I Get Out Of Bed In The Morning, The Devil Says, Aw Shit, He’S Up!

Hipster Quotes Tumblr

…Compuserve, And It Was Not Sophisticated, Guys. It Was The Cave Painting Equivalent To Tumblr.

Cool Quotes Tumblr

I Express Myself A Lot On Tumblr, Especially Through My Diary Entries.

Family Quotes Tumblr

We All Have Tumblr. People Care So Much About It Because, Now, Any Random Can Be Famous On The Internet If Their World Looks Good On Tumblr. And So Everyone At High School Strives For This Kind Of Aesthetic Correctness.

Love Quotes Tumblr For Him

Each Time You Read A Book, A Tree Smiles Knowing There’S Life After Death.

Tumblr Breakup Quotes

With Me Living Forty-Five Minutes Away, Tumblr Is Supposed To Be Sacred Ground Where Our Friendship Is Cemented. Unfollowing Me Is The Same As Saying, ‘I Don’T Like You Anymore.

Smiling Quotes Tumblr

You Were The Hardest Year Of My Life And I’Ve Never Been So Happy. What Does That Say About Me?”

Quotes About Friendship Tumblr

Don’T Strive For Perfection, Just Do Your Best. Everything In Life Is Ever Revolving To Be Perfect.

Make Up Quotes Tumblr

Human Life Is But A Series Of Footnotes To A Vast Obscure Unfinished Masterpiece

Tumblr Sad Love Quotes

Paradoxically Though It May Seem, It Is None The Less True That Life Imitates Art Far More Than Art Imitates Life.

Tumblr Movies Quotes

Life Leaps Over Oblivion Lightly, Losing Only A Thing Or Two Of No Importance, And Gloom Is But The Passing Shadow Of A Cloud…

Girlfriends Quotes Tumblr

To Fear Love Is To Fear Life, And Those Who Fear Life Are Already 3-Parts Dead.

Boy Quotes Tumblr

There Are Only Two Ways To Live Your Life. One Is As Though Nothing Is A Miracle. The Other Is As Though Everything Is A Miracle.

Dark Quotes Tumblr

Life Is To Be Lived, Not Controlled; And Humanity Is Won By Continuing To Play In Face Of Certain Defeat.

Long Quotes Tumblr

This Is The Real Secret Of Life — To Be Completely Engaged With What You Are Doing In The Here And Now. And Instead Of Calling It Work, Realize It Is Play.

Cute Couple Quotes Tumblr

Life Has Become Immeasurably Better Since I Have Been Forced To Stop Taking It Seriously.

Travel Quotes Tumblr

In All Of Living, Have Much Fun And Laughter. Life Is To Be Enjoyed, Not Just Endured.

Quotes About Love Tumblr

Sacrifice Is A Part Of Life. It’S Supposed To Be. It’S Not Something To Regret. It’S Something To Aspire To.

Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr

She Had Stars In Her Eyes And Galaxies In Her Veins

Inspirational Tumblr Quotes

You Have To Take That Risk Of Being Friendless To Make Room In Your Life For Others Who Will Be Your New Best Friends”

Tumblr Summer Quotes

But Whatever, However, Whenever This Ends I Want You To Know That Right Now I Love You Forever

Paper Towns Quotes Tumblr

I Understand Twitter Much More Than I Understand Tumblr.

Memory Quotes Tumblr

Life Is What Happens To Us While We Are Making Other Plans.

Thug Quotes Tumblr

Be Steady And Well-Ordered In Your Life So That You Can Be Fierce And Original In Your Work.

Quotes About Smile Tumblr

Life Doesn’T Get Easier Or More Forgiving, We Get Stronger And More Resilient.

Hipster Tumblr Quotes

Life Has No Remote… Get Up And Change It Yourself!

Hate Quotes Tumblr

To Live Is The Rarest Thing In The World. Most People Exist, That Is All.

Tumblr Lyric Quotes

The Two Most Important Days In Your Life Are The Day You Are Born And The Day You Find Out Why.

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