Good Night Quotes 2020 - 725+ Sweet Good Night Wishes Messages

Sweet Good Night Wishes Quotes - Find Great Collection Good Night Wises Messages, Famous Good Night Thoughts And Good Night Sayings In English.

good night quotes
Good Night Quotes

Cute Good Night Love Quotes For Her And Him

“Sleep Well. I Want You Rested Next Time I See You!”

Good Night Images With Quotes

“Night My Angel.”

good night thoughts
Good Night Thoughts

Good Night Quotes For Her

“I’M Yours Every Night.”

Good Night Quotes For Friends

“Goodnight To My Favorite Person In The World.”

good night messages
Good Night Messages

Good Night Love Quotes

“Do You Think We’Re Looking At The Same Stars Tonight? Even Though We’Re Far Apart.”

Inspirational Good Night Quotes

“If You Look At The Stars Tonight, Think Of Me. I Know I’Ll Be Thinking Of You.”

sweet good night quotes
Sweet Good Night Quotes

Cute Good Night Quotes

“Amazing, Sweet, And Romantic. Just Some Of The Ways To Describe You. Goodnight.”

Best Good Night Quotes

“I’Ll Think Of You Before I Go To Sleep, So Maybe I’Ll Dream Of You”

cute good night quotes
Cute Good Night Quotes

Good Night Motivational Quotes

“Before You Go To Sleep, Know That I’M Thinking Of You.”

Romantic Good Night Quotes

“To My Best Friend, Soul Mate, And Forever… Have A Great Night.”

good night quotes for him
Good Night Quotes For Him

Sweet Good Night Quotes

“I Automatically Smile When I Hear From You Before I Go To Bed.”

Good Night Quotes For Him

“Every Night, I Wish That You Are Safe And Happy.”

good night quotes and images
Good Night Quotes And Images

Funny Good Night Quotes

“Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’T Let The Beg Bugs Bite.”

Good Night Quotes For Love

“If I Think Of You Before I Go To Sleep, I Go To Sleep With A Smile.”

good night quotes for friends
Good Night Quotes For Friends

Good Night Quotes For Someone Special

“I Love Going To Sleep With You, Even If We Can’T Be Together. Goodnight.”

Quotes On Good Night

“To The Person Who Makes Me The Happiest Every Day, Have A Wonderful Night.”

wise good night quotes
Wise Good Night Quotes

Good Night Inspirational Quotes

“I Knew After The First Message ‘Goodnight’ That I Would Want To Hear It Every Night From You.”

Good Night Quotes For Lover

“The Rainy Weather Outside Makes Me Wish I Was With You Tonight.”

good night quotes for gf
Good Night Quotes For Gf

Good Night Quotes For Best Friend

“I Treasure Every Moment Getting To Know You Up Until I Close My Eyes.”

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Good Night Baby Images With Quotes

“Having You In My Life Is Like Having A Good Night Wish Answered.”

Good Night Quotes Gif

“Even In My Dreams I Can’T Stay Away From You.”

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Beautiful Good Night Quotes

“I Love Reading Our Messages Before I Go To Bed.”

Good Night Life Quotes

“Wish I Can Fall Asleep As Fast As I’M Falling In Love With You.”

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Good Night Quotes For Husband

“Never Thought I Could Miss Someone So Much.”

Good Night Love Quotes For Her

“Just Want To Say Thank You For Always Thinking Of Me.”

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Lovely Good Night Quotes

“Spending Time Talking To You Is Time Well Spent.”

Heart Touching Good Night Quotes

“We Need To Talk…Every Night Before We Stop.”

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Sad Good Night Quotes

“Every Night I’M Closer To Getting To The Weekend To See You.”

Beautiful Good Night Images With Quotes

“No Such Thing As Too Late To Call Or Text Me.”

Good Night Pictures And Quotes

“I Used To Sleep With The Tv On Until Dreaming Of You Helped Me Sleep Better.”

Good Night Sweet Dreams Quotes

“Hearing From You Before Bed Time Is Always A Great Surprise.”

Good Night Quotes For Sister

“Talking To You Has Changed My Night Routine For The Better.”

Good Night Quotes For Wife

“Rather Spend My Night With You.”

Good Night Quotes With Flowers

“After A Long Day Of Work, I Look Forward To A Night Talking With You.”

Good Night Images With Life Quotes

“Every Time I Go To Text You Goodnight You Read My Mind.”

Good Night Bible Quotes

“Counting The Hours Until I See You Is Better Than Counting Sheep.”

Good Night Positive Quotes

“Can’T Go To Sleep Without Wearing Your Tee.”

Nice Good Night Quotes

“My Nights Have Been Filled With Love Ever Since We Met.”

Good Night Quotes For Boyfriend

“I Hope To Find You In My Dreams.”

Good Night Love Images With Quotes

“You Put The Good In Goodnight.”

Good Night Spiritual Quotes

“Until Tomorrow My Love.”

Good Night Prayer Quotes

“I Hope I Never Stop Hearing Goodnight From You.

Happy Good Night Quotes

“Getting A Goodnight Text From You Is Better Than Any Bed Time Story.”

Romantic Good Night Quotes For Her

“No Words To Describe The Feeling I Have When I’M Away From You For One Night.”

Good Night Messages For Friends

“Goodnight My Amazing Boyfriend/Girlfriend.”

Good Night Messages For Girlfriend

“The Thought Of Being With You Tomorrow Will Help Me Get Through The Night.”

Funny Good Night Messages

“Thank You For Always Making Me Feel Special. Have A Wonderful Night.”

Good Night Messages For Her

“Whenever I Have A Hard Time Falling Asleep I Always Think Of Your Beautiful Smile.”

Good Night Love Messages

“I’M Excited For Tomorrow To Come, Knowing That I’Ll Get To See You.”

Good Night Messages For Husband

“The Biggest Issue I Have Right Now Is Not Falling Asleep With You By My Side.”

Latest Good Night Messages

“Can’T Think Of A Better Way To End The Night Than Talking To You.”

Romantic Good Night Messages

“Goodnight My Love. Wishing You A Restful Sleep.”

Sweet Good Night Messages

“I Never Felt So Comfortable Having A Long Conversation With Someone.”

Funny Good Night Messages For Whatsapp

“I Have A Million Reasons To Smile When I Get A Text From You. Goodnight.”

Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

“I Always Wonder If You Dream About Me The Way I Dream About You.”

Good Night Messages For Him

“Can’T Wait To Be With You Again.”

Good Night Messages For Friend

“I’M Always A Phone Call Away When You Can’T Sleep.”

Good Night Messages For Wife

“I Always Hope That The Night Goes By Fast And The Day Goes By Slow So I Can See You Soon Again.”

Romantic Good Night Messages For Girlfriend

“I Know Today Was A Hard Day For You, But I Want You To Know Before You Sleep That I Deeply Care About You.”

Good Night Text Messages

“I Love That You Never Forget To Tell Me Goodnight.”

Good Night Messages For Lovers

“Can’T Go To Sleep Without Hearing Your Voice.”

Good Night Picture Messages

“One Day We Will Get To Spend Each Night Together. Until Then, Good Night.”

Good Night Messages For Whatsapp

“I’M Sure You’Re Already Sleep, But I Miss You And Have A Great Night.”

Love Good Night Messages

“Didn’T Get To Talk To You All Day But Wanted To Let You Know I Thought Of You All Day.”

Beautiful Good Night Messages

“I Feel Lucky To Have Someone As Amazing As You.”

Inspirational Good Night Messages

“These Are The Only 8 Hours I Won’T Get To Hear From You. Have A Wonderful Sleep.”

Good Night Sweet Dreams Messages

“I Feel Optimistic Having You In My Life. Goodnight.’

Lovely Good Night Messages

“I Never Feel Alone When I’M Texting You. Goodnight.”

Good Night Messages For Love

“Can You Video Chat Me Before You Go To Bed? I Love Seeing Your Face.”

Good Night Love Messages For Girlfriend

“Having You In My Life Has Made Me A Better Person. Have A Good Night”

Romantic Good Night Messages For Husband

“I Never Feel Apart From You As Long As You’Re In My Heart.”

Good Night Sms For Girlfriend

“Dreaming Of You Every Night Has Made Me A Happier Person.”

Romantic Good Night Sms

“The Only Rule In Our Relationship Should Be That We Say Goodnight Every Night.”

Good Night Sms For Friends

“I’M So Thankful To Have Someone So Caring As You. Have A Goodnight.”

Funny Good Night Sms

“I Hope Every Night And Morning Is Dedicated To Us Talking.”

Sweet Good Night Sms

“I Feel Like The Luckiest Guy/Girl In The World To Have You. Goodnight.”

Good Night Sms In English

“About To Go To Sleep And I’M Thinking Of You. Goodnight.”

Cute Good Night Sms

“There Are 7 Billion People In The World And You’Re Still The Only One I Want To Hear From Before I Go To Bed.”

Good Night Sms For Love

“Wish You Were Here Right Now. I Had A Great Time With You And Can’T Wait To Do It Again.”

Good Night Love Sms

“Just Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night To Text You ‘Have A Great Night.'”

Love Good Night Sms

“Make Sure You Get Some Sleep. I’Ll Be Here For You When You Wake Up.”

Jija Sali Sms Good Night

“Can’T Sleep Yet Because I Haven’T Heard Your Voice. Miss You.”

Good Night Sms For Her

“My Goal Is To Always Feel This Good Having You In My Life Before Going To Bed.”

Good Night Sms For Best Friend

“Can’T Get You Off My Mind, Even In My Dreams.”


“You’Re Always The Only Person I Want To Hear From Before I Go To Sleep.”


“Just Wanted To Let You Know I’M Thinking Of You Before I Go To Bed. Goodnight.”


“I Can’T Wait Until I’M In Your Arms Again. Goodnight.”


“Having You In My Life Now Makes Me Want This Every Day. Goodnight.”


“So Grateful To Have You. Goodnight”


“Even Though It’S Dark When I Close My Eyes I Feel Light Inside My Heart. Goodnight.”


“My Good Night Involves Me Thinking Of You Kissing Me Before I Close My Eyes.”


” Call Me When You Wake Up So I Can Hear Your Voice.”


“I Can’T Fall Asleep Without A Soft Pillow And A Goodnight Text From You.”


“Goodnight, I Love You.”


“All These Emojis And I Still Can’T Express How I Can’T Wait To See You In The Morning.”


“I Can’T Wait To See You In The Morning.”


“Sweet Dreams.”


“Can’T Wait To Wake Up To You.”


“I’Ll Dream Of You.”


“There’S Nobody I’D Rather Go To Sleep With.”

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